Flowers Despite Adversity

These past few years have certainly given all of us an opportunity to reflect upon "what matters most" to us. With Spring in full bloom we are reminded that life is re-born in this season.

Our groves of olive trees are beginning to bud in the hope of a new olive in each flower.  With the many forces against them, these olives are flowering despite those possible adversities.....wind, weather, hail, insects, heat, cold, etc. Miraculously, at the end of the season, there will be olives that survive and become part of the next harvest to bring Il Bel Cuore Olive Oil to our table. It's just a small analogy, but the cycle of life is right in front us if we just zoom in and focus on the details. 

In this narrower view of life, with the scope dialed into focus, we too, are fighting against forces of nature.  We are appreciating our families, friends, health and especially, our freedom, through the lens of these past few years.  Never before have our heart's treasures been valued more. One reassuring truth is that the cycle of life continues even in the tiniest olive bud of potential fruit. May we also continue to "flower despite adversities".