What is "Il Bel Cuore Olive Oil"?

Il Bel Cuore Olive Oil is our family's passion for Italy all poured into a bottle. We own and manage olive fields in Umbria, Italy where we cultivate three varietals of olive trees that grow together to produce rich green, peppery olive oil straight from our grove to your table!

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The Story of Il Bel Cuore Olive Oil

  • Who are our Customers??

    Our customers are those discerning people who CARE where their food comes from and recognize the efforts to bring REAL FOOD (unadulterted olive oil) to our clients.

    We currently ship our olive oil products directly to our clients, many of whom have been loyal customers since we opened in 2011. We began our adventure selling at the Peachtree Road Farmers Market 'mano a mano' or hand to hand and have grown as a result of this beautiful venue.

  • Your Packaging Options

    Il Bel Cuore Olive oil will come to you in specially designed olive oil bottles created to preserve the oil from light and heat, as well as, they are lightweight and shatterproof, which makes them a wonderful option when it comes to shipping our product directly to you. We currently offer options to order three, six, or twelve cans at a time with discounts offered as you order larger quantities.

  • All about our trees!

    We grow three varieties of trees called Frantoio, Leccino, and Moraiolo, which make Bel Cuore Olive Oil taste so good! They are the DOP olives which are designated by the region of Umbria as the best combination of trees from which Umbrian oil comes from.https://youtu.be/qKOVAPh2_v4

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