500 ml Can - Set of 3 Cans
500 ml Can - Set of 3 Cans

500 ml Can - Set of 3 Cans

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  • Cold pressed the same day the oil is harvested is key to preserving the oil's vital nutrients
  • Our olives come exclusively from Umbria where a long tradition of olive oil production has made it the gold standard for quality olive oil. While only 2% of the world's production originates in Umbria, 96% of professionally judged  quality awards herald from the region - Il Bel Cuore, included
  • This year's oil has optimal quality content - low acidity and high levels of antioxidants
  • These attributes make Il Bel Cuore Extra Virgin olive oil. We take great care to ensure every aspect of the production process is sustainable and in keeping with traditional harvesting methods
  • We require a minimum order of 3 cans. Please be aware that when you order 1 each on the website you are ordering in multiples of 3. If you would like to order more than one set of 3, please look at our 6 or 12 can options with bulk price reductions on each.