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Il Bel Cuore

500 ml Can - Set of 3 Cans

500 ml Can - Set of 3 Cans

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Notice: Any order placed after June 8th will be shipped August 16th!
Thank you for your patience while we tend the groves in Italy!

     Premium, First Cold Pressed Extra-Virgin Olive Oil!

  • Cold pressed the same day the oil is harvested is key to preserving the oil's vital nutrients
  • Our olives come exclusively from Umbria where a long tradition of olive oil production has made it the gold standard for quality olive oil. While only 2% of the world's production originates in Umbria, 96% of professionally judged  quality awards herald from the region - Il Bel Cuore, included
  • This year's oil has optimal quality content - low acidity and high levels of antioxidants.
    • We require a minimum order of 3 cans. Please be aware that when you order 1 each on the website you are ordering in multiples of 3. If you would like to order more than one set of 3, please look at our 6 or 12 can options with bulk price reductions on each.
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